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That’s a question you should answer with a Calgary mortgage broker before you even begin to look at buying a home in or around Calgary. There’s nothing worse than finding the home of your dreams, only to have those dreams shattered when a mortgage application is turned down because either there were too many credit checks done on your credit rating in a short period of time, or you simply did not have the income or credit to qualify

This is why we offer a pre-qualification application. Doing this with our brokers ensures that a credit check is only done once against your credit rating, and ensures that you know what kind of budget you can work within when looking for a new home. A good mortgage broker will take you through the steps of pre-qualification and then work on your behalf to secure the best mortgage possible.

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Josh at Mortgages For Less, has created an online application form that you can use to initiate the pre-qualification process right from the comfort of your own home. He will then pick up the phone to go over details with you and to help you understand both the process and the results. Not having to hop in your car or jump on the bus to do this in person has been a time saver for may clients. Even before you initiate the online pre-qualification process, you can use our suite of mortgage calculators available on our website. These calculators are designed to assist you in getting a rough idea of what you need before you actually dive in with both feet. So head on over to a Calgary mortgage broker’s mortgage calculator or application for to get started, or give Josh a call if you’re ready.

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