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As a Calgary Mortgage Brokers, Mortgages for Less offers preferred mortgages and rates from these lenders and more!

Call or apply online today and find out how a Mortgages For Less mortgage specialist can help finance the home of your dreams far sooner than you ever dreamed possible.

The Mortgages For Less team started 16 years ago and has become very specialized in residential mortgage loans in Calgary and helping first time home owners and hard to finance mortgages get financing. As Calgary Mortgage Brokers, with Mortgages For Less you will get a knowledgeable and innovative Calgary mortgage broker who knows and understands the lending programs available, and also the local Calgary market. Josh Tagg and his team of experienced mortgage brokers are well versed in mortgages in Calgary and are here to help you. Many bankers and even many mortgage brokers do not fully understand many of the hidden costs associated with your mortgage. From title insurance, appraisal fees, and especially how early payout penalties that vary quite dramatically from lender to lender. We can help you navigate those complexities to get the best mortgage, at the best rate, that suits your financial needs.

Don’t have enough income or credit to qualify for a mortgage? If the bank said no, let us figure out how to get a lender to say yes.

One credit check allows us to approach multiple lenders instead of getting your credit checked by each bank you apply with and hurting your credit rating. In addition to the normal mortgages offered by most banks, we can look into some more creative mortgage solutions for your home.

Apply Online today. Applying creates no obligation to work with us. We will not ask for your SIN number online and the application can be partially filled out and still submitted.

What perks come with using a Calgary Mortgage Broker like Josh?

Living and working in Calgary for several decades has given me a very familiar knowledge and understanding of our Real Estate Market. I have seen Calgary grow from a smaller city to the thriving large city we have today. Even with the downturn in oil, our city continues to be a great place to work, live and raise a family. I am a true Calgarian and have spent most of my life here as part of the community and most of my adult life as a Calgary Mortgage Broker.

I understand the stresses of working in the oil industry directly – or being in n industry that is directly impacted by the oil industry.

I am familiar with the neighbouring towns too. Whether it be visiting family living in Cochrane or Okotoks, or good friends in Airdrie and Strathmore – I know the communities well. I and not just a Calgary Mortgage Broker, I can be your mortgage broker in Cochrane, Okotoks, Airdrie, Chestermere and even Okotoks.

I can do mortgages in every province in Canada and often help my clients from Calgary buy homes in BC, Fort McMurray or elsewhere. Or customers living outside of Calgary but looking to buy a home in Calgary.

Are there 0% Down Mortgages?

Unfortunately, zero down mortgages have been officially discontinued, although there continue to be other products that may suit your needs. For mortgages in Calgary, you can use an unsecured line of credit for your down payment – but some restrictions apply. Ask me for details!

First Time Home Buyer?

As a first time home buyer in Calgary, you can access your RRSP for down payment without being taxed! Ask your RRSP investor for details. Contributing funds to your RRSP generates a nice tax refund, and then you can further use that same money for your first time home buyer down payment toward your Calgary Mortgage. You may even be eligible to use this program if you have owned a home before as long as you have not lived in a home owned by you in the last four years.

I have a house and want to buy another one while renting the first one. What are my options?

If you are turning your existing home into a rental you can do that and purchase your new residence as owner-occupied with as little as 5% down payment. Different lenders will consider the prospective rental income in different ways which is why you should be sure to speak to a qualified Local Calgary Mortgage Broker to outline the best mortgage options available to you.

How to buy a rental property.

To buy a rental property, you will need to pay a 20% down payment. The qualifying criteria at each bank is a little different. I have had some clients come to me after RBC declined and they got approved easily. I have worked with Scotiabank declines and got them approved elsewhere too. Having access to different lenders opens more options to you for a mortgage in Calgary.

Why should I use a Calgary Mortgage Broker?

Calgary Mortgage Brokers are independent of the banks and use multiple lenders to get you the best rate for your mortgage. I pride myself in informing clients about all the products that might benefit them and making sure they understand the restrictions and benefits of each lender. Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest investments you will make and my job is to get you the best mortgage to fit your needs.

Canada’s mortgage market has grown and is in a constant state of change. Whether it be government changes, mortgage insurance changes, or lender product offerings, I am always on top of the changes and how they will impact you and your application.

As a mortgage broker in Calgary, I understand how these products apply in our market. Each client and each mortgage application is unique and I will find you the right product every time.

I am available to work around your schedule. I work many evenings and even weekends. No waiting for appointments to get your pre-approval. Let me get you approved today – clients are my top priority – I work for you, not the bank. The best part of my work is the smile on your face when you get into your new home in Calgary. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Join the ranks of our many satisfied clients. This is what they are saying.

nikki cuckow
nikki cuckow
16:00 02 Jan 18
Very informative! As a first time buyer Josh Tagg was able to provide my husband and I with answers to all our questions and concerns. He provided great service and we feel 100% confident with the decisions We have made after having worked with Mortgages for Less. Highly recommended
Samantha MacKenzie
Samantha MacKenzie
15:56 25 Oct 17
By far the BEST experience I've ever had with any broker. Josh was amazing! Even with all the obstacles we faced with financing, he made this mortgage happen. My family is now living in our dream home and we couldn't be happier! We owe our new lifestyle to Josh. Much gratitude! I will be recommending Josh at Mortgages for Less to everyone I know!! Thank you so much!
Jacob Stonehocker
Jacob Stonehocker
19:24 27 Oct 17
Josh is very knowledgeable and made the mortgage process quick and easy. He helped us get a mortgage several months before we thought we would be able to. We don't live in Calgary, but he was able to do everything electronically very easily. This was definitely the easiest mortgage experience we've been through.
Benn Hart
Benn Hart
18:16 25 Oct 17
Josh with mortgages for less was great to work with when it came time to make my first house purchase. With the market being hot, I had made multiple offers and found that Josh was very accomadating and reactive when it came time to pull trigger. He worked hard to get my needs met and get the deal done. I would highly recommend mortgages for less and will be using them again on my next purchase.
Gabriel Venegas
Gabriel Venegas
17:06 25 Oct 17
Excellent. Josh @ Mortgages for Less is a dedicated, honest, and trustworthy individual who keeps his word and will go the extra mile for you to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and qualify for a mortgage as well. I have used Mortgages for Less twice already and will continue to use them and recommend them. Thanks for everything!
chad Miller
chad Miller
19:25 25 Jun 18
Working with Mark And Josh was great, they got us a great morgage, knew a lot about how the major banks in Canada work, responded to email and phone calls promtly and always gladly answered questions.
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